First Lab

10 ML

01A intro FirstLab

French, Japanese and American flavorings, carefully selected and perfectly blended, qualify
the new diacetyl-/acetyl-free line by Suprem-e.
Both the accurate research made by the expert flavourists of the R&D department and the great
attention to the safety characterize the new Suprem-e products: their quality is improved also by
the new, innovative productive process, during which the mixture is made through a vibrating, cen-
trifugal movement. Actually, our aim is to satisfy even the most demanding vapers, which are now
looking for elaborate and certified products. suprem-e.

  • First Lab number 1 could be considered the masterpiece of a maître chocolatier: an explosion of sweetness produced by the fusion between the most refined aromatic notes of chocolate, vanilla Bourbon and coconut.
  • First Lab Number 2 is the outcome of a skillful mixture of the best types of vanillas, such as the Bourbon one: the sweet and velvety notes of the caramel cubes blended and melted in the heart of these beans create an unique flavor.
  • Blueberry, currant, wild strawberries and black cherry are combined in a mixture of mint and glacial aromas in order to make the sweetness of the red fruits even stronger and fresher!
  • An unique blend for demanding palates, the First Lab number 4 is a skillful selection of the best tobaccos. Its matchless taste is perfect for your daily vape.
  • The perfect balance between the Golden Virginia tobacco ripened in the highlands of South America and the fine, toasted notes of the Oriental tobacco, mixed with the sweetness of the cookie, lend this e-juice a strong but, at the same time, very pleasant taste.

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