Sigel srl is an Italian company specialized in the production of liquids for electronic cigarettes under the brand name “Suprem-e”.

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The management of Sigel S.r.l. firmly believes in company’s mission – to offer high-quality and safe aromas and flavors for electronic cigarettes, manufactured entirely in Italy, to smokers who have decided to enjoy the pleasures of vaping with serenity.

What is more, “Suprem-e” e-liquids are distinguished for their impressive packaging, for the accurate choice of the aromas and of the bottles, but expecially for succeeding in making the vape a unique sensation.

Sigel Srl is committed to developing and promoting its own products, actively offering new flavours that are carefully created by its own expert flavourists to satisfy the most discerning e-cigarette smokers.


Research and Development

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The entire production process, which has been computerized and automated to meet strict safety standards, is continually monitored. In addition, all production lots are systematically checked by third-party laboratories accredited by the Italian National Health Institute in accordance with the UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard.

The information system also ensures the traceability of the production lots during all stages of distribution, from production to storage at retailers.


The containers are made of PE, a material that is ideal for storing food. Thanks to the flexible material and tapered spout, any type of reservoir can easily be refilled.

All the bottles have a seal of guarantee and an ISO 8317 certified cap to prevent accidental opening. Each package contains a sheet that provides product specifications, instructions for use, precautionary statements and hazard statements in several languages.

For products that contain nicotine, the precautionary statements and hazard statements are also printed on the box in the language of the country of destination.
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“Suprem-e” visual merchandising has also been carefully designed so that the product’s visual appearance matches its quality. This makes choosing “Suprem-e” products appealing from the very start.