"Identification of simplified methods for the information and the acquisition the consent in the use of cookies" (may 8th 2014, published on Gazzetta Ufficiale n.26 on june 3rd 2014) is the measure from which depends the specific description of features and purposes of the cookies that are featured on this website. We are also providing you information on how to disable or enable each single cookie.

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The tables on this pages resume different kind of cookies which may be used on the website, together with their specific aim and duration (that's to say for how much time each cookie might stay on your device).

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What are cookies?

Cookies are computer or partial computer files that can be saved on your computer (or other device enabled to navigation on the internet, for example smartphone or tablet) when you visit a website. Usually a cookie contains the name of the site from which the cookie internet himself comes, the "life span" of the cookie (that is how long it will stay on your device), and a value, which is usually a randomly generated unique number.

What are cookies used for?

Cookies are meant to make browsing easier and to adapt your experience to your interests and needs. Cookies can also be used to help speeding up your future activities on websites. Moreover, cookies are used to fulfill anonymous statistics that help understanding how people use the websites in order to help making better contents.

What kind of cookies are there?

There are two kind of cookies: ’session cookies’ and ’persistent cookies’.

  • session cookies: temporary cookies that remain on your device until the moment you leave the website.
  • persistent cookies: cookies that remain on your device for much longer or until you delete them manually (how long the cookie remains on your device will depend on the 'life span' of the cookie in question and from your browser settings).

How to disable cookies through your browser settings

How to disable specific third part service cookies