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Sigel srl is an Italian company that specializes in the production of liquids for electronic cigarettes under the brand name “Suprem-e”. The company is distinguished by its extensive organizational structure, considerable determination and remarkable innovative spirit.

The management of Sigel S.r.l. firmly believes in the company’s mission – to offer safe, high-quality products manufactured entirely in Italy to smokers who have decided to switch to electronic cigarettes, so that they can enjoy the pleasures of smoking without having to worry about quitting.


Sigel Srl is committed to developing and promoting its own products, actively offering new flavours that are carefully created by its own expert flavourists to satisfy the most discerning e-cigarette smokers.



All of the substances used in “Suprem-e” products are of the highest quality and meet the European pharmacopoeia standards. This means that the quality of the products is comparable to that of pharmaceuticals.

The products contain:


- deionized water

- food flavourings that conform to Regulation EC   1334/08

- vegetable glycerine (VG)

- propylene glycol (PG)

- nicotine EC Number 200-193-3 when present