How can I pay for my order?

We accept all the main credit and prepayed cards (Visa, MasterCard, Postepay), Paypal and Bank Transfers.

When will you charge the payment?

At the checkout the total amount of your order will just be pre-authorized. The charge will be made when the products are shipped, within five days from your order.

What currency will I be charged in?

The products price will always be charged in the currency of the Country where the shipping of the products happens. The prices always include VAT.

Can you guarantee my payement data security?

We guarantee the highest security levels concerning personal data and payement protections through the TLS (transport layer security).

Why my payement was not accepted?

There might be several reasons for this. First of all, please check your checkout data such as your card number, the expiration date, the kind of card you selected. If your payement is still refused, contact our customer service to get help. Keep in mind that it is possible to use paypal to pay with a credit card, or you can simply pay through paypal itself.

What is a CVV/CVC code?

It is a Card Verification Value (CVV). It can be a three number code that you can find on the back of your card (if you're paying with Visa or Mastercard), or a four number code on the front of your card if you are paying with American Express. It is a key to prevent online frauds because it is the proof that the person who is making the payement is truly you.