0 mg/ml – 50 ml


King Pear

King Pear, the rich taste of a caramelized pear enriched by the sweetness of the chocolate.


Sensei Peach

Sensei Peach, a vanilla-flavored peach covered by a creamy layer of caramel. You’ll fall in love with the deliciousness of this e-juice!


First Pick

From First Pick aroma born Re-brand. A refined mix of essences makes the First Pick Re-brand unique in its kind, thanks also to its limited edition packaging. The hot mixing for 72 hours in small selected batches makes its aroma unique, enhancing those notes which have made the First Pick a must for the lovers of the Virginia tobacco branded Suprem-e.


Cherry Bomb

Let yourself get spoiled by the full taste of the ripened red cherries and its sweet and fresh
nuances. Vaping this unique and intense taste will remind you of the classic jams of the best Italian tradition…suprem-e.



There’s never been a better banana: CHICABAN The strong taste of this fruit comes directly from the hot tropics: its intensity, enriched with the sweetness of the sugar notes, will surely make you drool.



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